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  • Thank you for the marill! If you find the other egg, feel free to send me a trade request and I'll hatch that for you as well.
    I think one of the eggs you gave me is wrong, it didn't hatch shiny. One did though. Let me trade the non-shiny egg back.
    Alright. My in game name is Brittany. Please add 5456-0806-3610, and I'll be happy to assist you with those two eggs.
    two eggs wit number 3822 ! i was wondering if you could help ?? mi code is 2895 7096 4082 besides i dont want nickname in these pokemon.
    I can help ya out! I need to know what shiny value it is for so it doesn't hatch on the wrong game. I'll also need your friend code, IGN, and what nickname you want for the pokemon.
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